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February 2020

Love Mimosa

Innocent and sophisticated all at once.
Amouage 320

“It’s not spring yet, but the first blossoming trees are giving us hints of what’s to come. Mimosa trees are some of the first trees of the year to bloom. Cascades of tiny fluffy yellow pom-pom like flowers give us one of the most enchanting smells imaginable. Amouage have created Mimosa Love to honour this fleeting spring time glory.

Mimosa is the star of the show, giving the scent the feel of rich honey, and sweet herbs and fertile pollen-rich flowers. Unlike white flowers (things like Jasmine), Mimosa has a warmth and earthiness that remind us of the fruits of mother nature these blossoms promise. Amouage have provided this flower with a sensuous bed of vanilla and musk to lay in. We can by wearing this fragrance lay there too and be enveloped in dreams of sunsets and the pleasures of the senses.” – FREDDIE


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