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February 2021


Luxe, vanilla-amber
Ormonde Jayne 215

The smell of resilience. 

Taking it one day at a time & heads bowed down, 


so many questions!! about the future & existence swirling around us, 

on the news, on the radio but probably mostly in my head, I need comfort.

I crave balance.

Softness & kindness, optimism in abundance and Yes. The promise of far away places, sunsets & flirty outfits, to command dirty martinis, clean crisp hotel bedsheets, vanilla ice cream, wind in the hair, the silence of a vast museum, flower fields & daisy crowns. 

I seek contentment. 

I dream of lighthearted, joyous experiences. 

Then I reach for Tsarina. 

Modern Regal daydream in a bottle. 

I spray. I smile. I soften. 

Finally, every Queen has her winter. 

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