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Precious Rose

Frederic Malle from 47

Gardenia Sotto La Luna

A floral, woody musk

Andy Tauer 135

The Essential Collection

Discovery Set

Frederic Malle 60

Montabaco Travel Set

Seductive yet profoundly simpatico

Ormonde Jayne 130

Nawab Of Oudh Travel Set

A potent blend of amber and rose

Ormonde Jayne 130
Out of Stock

Travel Lab Three

Discovery Set

Ormonde Jayne 125
Out of Stock

Travel Lab Two

Discovery Set

Ormonde Jayne 125

Le Maroc Pour Elle

The sexiest Jasmine that ever lived

Andy Tauer 125

Tuberose Sotto La Luna

Vampiric floral erotica and the scent of rain

Andy Tauer 135

Incense Rose

Antique resins and bright roses

Andy Tauer 125

PHI – Une Rose de Kandahar

Rose, almond and tobacco Turkish delight

Andy Tauer 150

An Coeur Du Désert

A beating amber heart

Andy Tauer 165

L’Air Du Désert Marocain

Majestic and blissful smoky amber ritual

Andy Tauer 120


A Warm Floral

Ormonde Jayne from 115

Elixir Pour Femme

Sensual. Seduction

Roja Parfums 275


Dark rose splendour

Frederic Malle from 45


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