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June 2020


Pure ambroxan
Escentric Molecules from 38

At this very moment I chose to wear perfumes either with happy memories, or breezy…

Or perhaps something with a touch of magic dust too…

And everyone that knows me, knows well that I have a slight addiction to a certain smell, which I wear, layer & gospel about every single day to anyone that would listen.

And if it came in a butter version, I’d probably try it on my toast too… (It doesn’t, I’ve checked).

The scent comes from a particular molecule named Ambroxan. And if you ask me – the more the merrier.

But no need for that as Escentric Molecules have long before figured out that this scent is something dreams (mine) are made of, so they have bottled it.

Just that. That one molecule.

The perfume is called, well Molecule 02.

I wore it on my wedding day, so happy memory – check.

It has a ghostly quality to never overwhelm you, so breezy – check.

And magic dust like?!

Try for yourself.

You will be addicted too.

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