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November 2020


Spicy oriental with rose
Frederic Malle from 40

In a waking autumn morning, when the lights are not lit, where the silence hasn’t been sung by the birds yet..  A whisper swallows your dream and you open your eyes. Paralysed. The creature standing beside you is motioning to follow it. No doubt, no resistance. You are trapped by it. HANDS AND FEET feel burning hot and exhausted. A fear steps in pulling you by the hair. You scream at it and fearfully fight until the body curls up like a fetus in the womb. Is that the sound of an explosion? A body ripped into thousand pieces. Swallowed by the Earth. Suddenly, it is silent again, hazy and foggy.. Cold in pleasures. Light in essence. It is the colour of a New beginning that starts right under your feet…



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