Juicy vanilla dreaming



Juicy vanilla dreaming


Crystalline Accord

Madagascan Vanilla Absolute, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Ylang-Ylang

Suede Accord, Incense, Amber, Musk

“Cierge de Lune” means ” moon altar candle” and it is by far one of the most poetic names you could possibly have for a fragrance. And “Cierge de Lune” smells just as good as it sounds. Inspired by the night-blooming cactus flower Selenicereus Grandiflorus, “Cierge de Lune” wants to capture the mysterious, ephemeral beauty of a bloom unfolding in the dark just once a year only to wilt away in the morning with the first sunrays. Imagine witnessing this flowering event on a Midsummer night in the American desert: deep darkness all around with only the pale flickering of stars and moon guiding your steps, gentle sloping shapes on the horizon line, everything quiet and limitless. That dry, mineral smell of an arid land. Hardly any sign of vegetation: just a few prickle cactuses and some dried out bushes that crackle slightly as the hot night breeze sways through. Life is almost imperceptible but it’s there, holding on, stubborn, undefeated. And the cactus flower is the ultimate proof of life: a large, silken corolla of translucent petals exuding a heavenly fragrance. A miracle that is almost never witnessed but which is now captured in a bottle of perfume: from the desert air with its spicy, almost incense like accents until the creamy sweet, vanillic scent of the elusive bloom. An elixir of delicate, dusky sensuality, “Cierge de Lune” is a liquid poem dedicated to hidden beauty. And now it can be yours to discover.

Born twenty years ago in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, Aedes de Venustas (which means Temple of Beauty in Latin) has become the global Mecca of perfume connoisseurs. The Aedes de Venustas perfumery is home to a spectacular portfolio of brands, many of which were unveiled to the world at the boutique, providing them with a platform to showcase their brand to their international fragrance audience

In 2012, co-owners Karl Bradl & Robert Gerstner took their passion for fragrance to the next level by establishing their own full-fledged perfume house. The common thread of the Aedes de Venustas fragrance collection is Frankincense, the millennia-old burnt offering to the gods that gave its very name to perfume. The duo chose top perfumers and afforded them complete creative freedom to explore unique, innovative accords. The result, an intriguing perfume collection which mirrors the exceptionally high, luxurious values which Aedes de Venustas is renowned & respected for.

A Haute Couture Perfume collection, designed in New-York & made in France.


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