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Mesmerising immortelle

Fate Man

Mesmerising immortelle


Fate Man

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Mandarin, Saffron, Absinth, Ginger, Cumin

Everlasting Flower, Rose, Frankincense, Lavandin, Costus, Copahu

Labdanum, Cedarwood, Liquorice, Tonka, Sandalwood, Musk

A hypnotic wheel of fortune made out of precious woods, spinning around a viscous, syrupy immortelle centre and generously flecked with cumin and saffron, that is how “Fate Man” feels and smells like.

Imagine walking the grounds of an exotic funfair, with gypsies and crystal globes foretelling the future, somewhere sunny and hot and dusty, air permeated with the aromatic pungency of ginger, cumin and safron, the green fairy of Absinth flowing around freely, and the sweet, thick like treacle smell of immortelles bunches floating about lazily, a sensuous, intoxicating cloud to fire up the senses.

The everlasting flower absolute is one of the most unusual floral essences in perfumery: it’s reminiscent of maple syrup, dry straw and Indian spices. It has a golden, intense warmth, no wonder since the plant itself does best in very dry, hot climates and the longer it stays on skin the more it becomes a part of it, melting into an intimate, almost leathery embrace. This unique absolute is at the center of this perfume and radiates its spell from top to bottom, through the intricate, sour-spicy beginning, the warm, floral-smoky heart and the comfortable dry woody-musky base.

“Fate Man” is a very complex, intense and fascinating perfume, with a chameleonic nature and many unexpected changes. After all, it’s about Fate. And that’s inescapable, just like the surprising beauty of this fragrance.

Amouage fragrances have reflected the wonderful heritage and mastery of perfume creation for over 30 years. The brand is renowned for creating some of the world’s most finely crafted and exotic fragrances.

The French perfumer Guy Robert created the first fragrance in the collection in 1983. Exceptionally talented and steeped in the traditions of fine French perfumery, Robert embraced the gifts of the Magi to create an exotic and masterful fragrance based on gold, frankincense and myrrh. Using these storied and valuable materials, he created a composition that included over one hundred natural ingredients from around the world. The result was Gold by Amouage, an exquisite fragrance for the ages that stands as a masterpiece to the art of fine perfumery.

Since the launch of Gold, Amouage has developed into a contemporary and global luxury brand holding strong to the high standards set from the beginning.  Under the creative direction of Christopher Chong, the brand has continued to create trendsetting fragrances of the highest quality through collaboration with the finest perfumers available from Grasse, Paris, New York and Geneva.


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SKU: 5ccf5a6c698e
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