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Soft, white floral escape

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Linden Blossom, Magnolia Flower, Lime Peel

White Frangipani, Jasmine, Rose and Tuberose Absolutes, Water Lilies, Plum, Green Orchid Oil

Amber, Musk, Cedar, French Vanilla Absolute

“Frangipani” is a wonderful tropical fantasy, lush and dainty at the same time. Unlike many white florals, “Frangipani” never descends into fully ripened sensuality, maintaining a sense of relaxed innocence that in a way is even more irresistible. It is the white floral for people who don’t like white florals, and an easier to wear alternative for people who do. There’s a delightfully refreshing green vibe running through the beginning and heart of the perfume like glistening emerald silk ribbons gathering together a creamy-sweet bouquet of Frangipani, Tuberose and Jasmine. It is the zesty burst of lime peel alongside water lilies which feels like a gentle, cooling breeze swaying through the white, heavenly perfumed petals. The drydown is kept airy, but persistent, with a hint of clean musk, soft amber and ever so slightly smoky vanilla. “Frangipani” it’s the perfect scent for an afternoon spent in a rocking hammock on a paradisiacal island surrounded by unending turquoise seas. And if you can’t get there it doesn’t really matter: you’ll always have the perfume.

Ormonde Jayne stands for a return to the golden age of perfumery, an elegant era when fragrance creation was a fine art, when essential oils and absolutes were infused for a period of months before filtration and then allowed to mature again before bottling, resulting in a deeper, more complex perfume. Ormonde Jayne’s oils are compounded from finest ingredients available and matured in the classical style in its own London laboratory. By doing so, Ormonde Jayne’s creator Linda Pilkington upholds the fine art of exquisite perfumery whose principles she meticulously applied in every creation included in her fragrance collection.


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